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Leadership and Success Coaching 

Leadership and Success Coaching is for professionals who want to develop skills to progress in their careers and those that are navigating a career or life transition and need support redefining their goals in order to design a positive and rewarding future.  As a coach, I will partner with you to outline your specific vision of success, determine clear measures of progress, and design a program that fits your unique needs. An initial discovery call is required for us to discuss your goals and priorities so you can decide if coaching is the right course for you. To learn more about individual coaching packages, click the button below.

Instructional Coaching for Educators

Novice and experienced educators can benefit from ongoing, job-embedded support to grow in their craft. To aid this type of learning, I provide observations, demonstrations, debriefing, and reflection to help teachers, coaches, and/or administrators meet professional learning goals. An initial consultation will include discussion about learning outcomes, current initiatives/priorities, and expected results. On-site and video-based options are available.



Professional learning is a key element to building effective organizations. I offer a wide array of professional learning sessions on various topics. Workshops can also be designed for specific topics based on the organization’s needs. Most sessions are designed in modules that can be customized to match both the timeframe needed and the learning level of participants. On-site and virtual options are available.


Sandboxes are unique professional learning experiences in which participants can practice skills with other colleagues in a safe, collaborative environment. Sandboxes typically consist of 4-6 consecutive weekly modules that include online pre-work and 90-minute live, online sessions to dive more deeply into each topic and apply the learning in practice groups. Registration for Sandboxes is limited.


Literacy Initiative Planning

Whether it is developing a plan for implementing balanced literacy, authentic assessment, writing across the curriculum, or specific practices, I will work to co-create and support a sustainable 2-5 year plan of implementation. This process involves meeting with leadership teams to establish goals and measures of success and facilitating a customized approach that can be flexible with unforeseen needs or staffing changes. Additional support services can be negotiated depending on the scope of the plan and each organization’s resources. 

Literacy Framework Development

Having a clearly defined and communicated framework for cohesive literacy instruction is essential for accelerated improvement. This service includes the facilitation of a 9-step development process that will result in a customized framework that takes into consideration the unique dynamics of each district’s student population, community, and available resources. 

Curriculum Writing Support

Curriculum writing can be overwhelming, even to the best of writers. I provide a variety of support for curriculum coordinators. Support may include leading curriculum development with writing teams, collaborating on writing units, or creating resources that make the current curriculum more user friendly.  

Comprehensive Literacy Program Review

The review will provide a thorough examination and analysis of the elementary and/or secondary reading and writing program by evaluating the following areas: priorities, assessment, instructional practices, materials, use of instructional time and materials, differentiated instruction, organization/communication, and professional development. The review will include a survey; on-site observations of all ELAR, Special Education, and intervention classes; interviews (as needed), and examination of schedules, curriculum documents, materials, and lesson plans. A comprehensive report summarizing findings and detailing recommendations for each area will be included.

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