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My Story

Hi! I’m Robyn Hartzell, and maybe your story is like mine. It has several plot twists, unexpected characters, and definitely plenty of lessons! Like yours, my story can’t be categorized into a single genre. My life does not consist of only work, only my business, or only my marriage.  I'm not only a wife,  widow, entrepreneur, or educator. I am all of those. 

I know how it feels to be an independent, accomplished, high-achieving woman and still struggle with that voice saying “Do you really think you can do this? Are you good enough?” or be in a career that you have worked your whole life to build and are proud of....then wonder, “Is this really what I want?” I also know what it feels like to take the unconventional road, overcome loss, embrace change, and design a life and career that makes me think “If I can do this....I can do anything!

Maybe you can relate….I always knew that I wanted to be involved in work that made an impact in the world, and for me, that was in education. I spent most of my early career developing my expertise, earning my Master’s degree, and building the skills needed to move to the next rung of the ladder. I enjoyed my work, had a fulfilling marriage, and was racked with constant anxiety.

Then everything turned upside down...

At 38, after 15 years of a great marriage, I found myself a widow. My husband died unexpectedly, and in one day, my entire life changed. I went to work like any other day and came home to a completely different world. I found myself staring down a road I never intended.

My priorities changed.

Suddenly, I found myself re-evaluating my normal. I just simply couldn’t give the energy to things that caused so much anxiety before. Waging the battle of grief made me FEARLESS in so many ways. Work was a lifeline, but the reward of it was changing for me. I was becoming a different person who needed a different kind of career.

It was time to reimagine my future.

My drive and internal compass were still intact; they were just shifting to new directions. I still wanted to make an impact and knew that teaching would be at the heart of anything I did. So, I took a leap, began my own consulting and coaching business, and …

This is where our roads meet.

I strive to help goal-oriented, accomplished professionals build confidence and skills as they reimagine success through the transitions of career and life. Maybe you are at a point in your career or life where you would like to

  • Accelerate your path to promotion
  • Increase your visibility in your organization
  • Overcome fears of inadequacy or “imposter” syndrome
  • Develop more of an executive presence
  • Balance the demands of work and family
  • Re-evaluate priorities and redefine your goals
  • Establish a new career or find a new job

I’ve got your back. I will partner with you to create a clear vision and map out the results you want to see. Along the way, I commit to offering the support and challenge you need to go beyond and exceed your own expectations!

Are you ready to design a career and life you love?

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